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AML Symposium 

at the European Parliament


11 APRIL 2024 | 14:00-16:30 CEST


Highlights and interviews



years fighting
financial crime


Anti-Money Laundering Europe (AME) is a Brussels-based public and private sector forum dealing with EU financial crime issues managed by Schuman Associates.


Our goal is to provide a platform for those interested in strengthening EU AML/CFT policy and legislation by ensuring effective dialogue and cooperation with key EU and international policy-makers on a wide range of issues such as fraud, economic and financial crime, terrorist financing, corruption, sanctions and virtual currencies. 


AME collaborates with other AML-related associations, NGOs and think tanks.


AME members engage directly with EU and international institutions to exchange views, debate and provide inputs to policy-making on a wide range of issues - from money laundering and fraud to terrorist financing.


Twice per year, AME members meet in Brussels with high-level EU and international institutions to exchange views on AML issues and to provide relevant input to policy makers


AME members receive regular intelligence updates on EU AML issues including counter-terrorist financing and financial crime



AME Secretariat l
Schuman Associates 


Cybercrime has had a striking upsurge to an unprecedented scale and it is taking new forms and new directions, emails can be scammed. Cybercriminals relentlessly seek ways to exploit individuals for financial gain at their expense. Beware of messages that appear to come from Anti-Money Laundering Europe. It has come to our attention that fraudulent messages impersonating Anti-Money Laundering Europe have been circulating. Over recent months, numerous reports have surfaced concerning deceptive messages purportedly originating from Anti-Money Laundering Europe. We strongly caution against relying solely on email notifications concerning bank account alterations or requests for money transfers without direct verbal confirmation from a trusted and verified source.Do not open or respond to those messages, save them and/or print them and file a report with your local police department.  

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