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Events Highlights - European Parliament Roundtable on financial inclusion and de-risking

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Anti-Money Laundering Europe (AME) is a Brussels-based public and private sector forum dealing with EU financial crime issues managed by Schuman Associates.


Our goal is to provide a platform for those interested in strengthening EU anti-money laundering policy (AML) and legislation, by ensuring effective dialogue with key EU and international policy-makers.

AME participates in European Commission expert groups and meetings and has unrivalled access to the EU institutions and officials.


AME collaborates with other AML-related associations, NGOs and think tanks.


AME members engage directly with EU and international institutions to exchange views, debate and provide inputs to policy-making on a wide range of issues - from money laundering and fraud to terrorist financing.

Business Conference


Twice per year, AME members meet in Brussels with high-level EU and international institutions to exchange views on AML issues and to provide relevant input to policy makers

Politician News Interview


AME members receive regular intelligence updates on EU AML issues including counter-terrorist financing and financial crime



AME Secretariat l
Schuman Associates 


Beware of messages that appear to come from Anti-Money Laundering Europe. In the past months we have received several reports of fake messages that seem to come from the Anti-Money Laundering Europe. Do not open or respond to those messages, save them and/or print them and file a report with your local police department. Anti-Money Laundering Europe has taken action and has informed the Belgian Federal Police.

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