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The future of the European Union’s fight against money laundering

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

European Parliament - 2 April 2019

AME's first event of 2019 was a workshop held in the European Parliament, gathering representatives from the public and private sector to discuss how to further strengthen the EU legislative framework and empower relevant stakeholders in the area of anti-money laundering.

The workshop was hosted by MEP Luděk Niedermayer. Other speakers in the panel were Ms Despina Vassiliadou of DG JUST, European Commission; Mr Philippe de Koster of the Belgian FIU; and Mr Peter McNamee of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe.

The panellists raised a number of issues that the next Parliament and the Commission will have to tackle, including:

  • New Directive or a Regulation?

  • Do we need a supervisory body at EU level?

  • How to ensure harmonisation of different international standards?

  • How to increase cooperation and exchange between the FIUs, obliged entities and law enforcement agencies?

From the discussions on the day, it is clear that the topics of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing will continue to be high priority issues in the future.

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